Happy One Year at Astros Future

Happy One Year at Astros Future

My Twitter account has been around a while and has grown but a year ago today, I finally decided to create a website which would be dedicated to the Astros and the minor league system. I thought about the idea for a while but made the decision, and one I don’t regret at all.

It was a great first year here at AstrosFuture.com, but I wouldn’t have been able to do so without the help of many others. So I would like to give a shoutout to some who made it happen.

Thanks to the writers and contributors: Joshua Clarke, Johnny Armstrong, Grayson Skweres, Rob Blair, John Ginder, Josh Franzen, Lee Stone, Wayne Schields and the contributions from Virginia Rodgers and Lauren Magalski.

Thanks to all the photographers who provided awesome photos for the articles: Tammy Tucker, Richard Guill, Erick Sifuentes, Kiel Maddox, Ross Way, Jayne Hansen, and John Ginder.

Thank you to all of the prospects who grind it out daily and help out sharing and providing interviews for the website.

Also, thank you to all the readers who read and shared our articles as we progressed in the first year here at AstrosFuture.com.

The first year was great, but I expect bigger and better things in the second year at AstrosFuture.com! Go Astros!

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**Photo Credit: Tammy Tucker**