Astros Sunday Morning Reading: June 18th

Houston Astros Sunday Morning Reading (Links)

Listed here are some good articles for all Astros fans to check out as you drink your coffee and eat your breakfast.

Here are some articles to take a look at!

Projecting Derek Fisher
Chris Mitchell of Fangraphs looks at how Fisher projects to the MLB

Is any team having more fun than the Astros?
Not only are the Astros the best team in baseball, they are having fun doing it.

Who would say no? Finding the Astros another starting pitcher
David Schoenfield looks at some trade options for the Astros

Astros sign Elian Rodriguez for $1.9 million
Astros signed another highly touted Cuban prospect

Sonny Gray trade, Athletics and Astros have mutual interest
Astros could swing a trade for Sonny Gray as both teams have interest

This week in Astros awesomeness
A fun piece talking about the Astros and how awesome they are

Astros must approach deadline with all-in mentality
Brian T. Smith argues the Astros should be all in at the trade deadline

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