Houston Astros Sunday Morning Reading (Links)

Astros Sunday Morning Reading (Links)

Listed here are some good articles for all Astros fans to check out as they drink their coffee and eat their breakfast.

Here are some articles to take a look at!

Projecting Astros Debutant David Paulino
The Astros had another top prospect debut. Here is a fangraphs article on what to expect and the potential outcomes for David Paulino.

Astros Ask MLB to Review Error Calls
Jose Altuve haas 198 hits but the Astros are asking MLB to review two balls hit by Altuve that were ruled errors.

Astros fan sums up series with Rangers
Most have seen this video, but if not, this fan speaks for most Astros fan. Though he probably should have calmed down once the police got involved.

How the Rangers dominated the Astros in 2016?
Unfortunately, the Rangers dominated the Astros in 2016. ESPN takes a look at how and why they dominated the series.

Astros 2017 schedule announced
The Astros have released the 2017 schedule and open the season at home.

Astros pitches helped by elite defense
The Crawfish Boxes take a look at how the Astros defense has really boosted the pitching staff to be one of the better staffs in the league.

Colin Moran recalled to the Astros
With the Bregman injury, the Astros have recalled third base prospect Colin Moran. Hopefully Moran will get a chance to show what he can do going into 2017.

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